3 Must-See Films

This Beautiful Fantastic


5/5 stars. This film is packed with wonderful weirdness, heart-warming relationships, and a quirky kind of comedy that immediately endears you to all the characters and to the story itself. A beautiful narrative with a tinge of sadness, the overall package leaving you with a smile when the credits roll in. No doubts that this is a must-watch.


Their Finest


4/5 stars. War, love, frustration, betrayal, gritty determination; those are just a few things you can expect from this film. I thought it was a little slow starting, but once I got into the swing of things, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was touching and funny, a kind of emotional rollercoaster and utterly unpredictable. It filled me with pride for womankind and an appreciation for the resilience of the film industry during the war…and everything in between!


Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales


5/5 stars. Hilarious. Thrilling. Jack Sparrow is one of my all-time favourite characters, so I was excited to see Johnny reprise his role as the infamous pirate. Between reunions that have been long-awaited for ten years, impressive action sequences, and terrifying villains, this was the ultimate Pirates movie experience that I’ve been craving ever since At World’s Ends came to the big screen. I would definitely recommend this film.




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