Stepping into my Intern shoes: Week 12

This, the penultimate week of my internship, has been pretty steady, as weeks go. The last couple of weeks were slightly hectic as we worked towards the deadline to get the festival programs off to the printers, and this week, they came back. I got to keep a copy, and I was really surprised and kind of humbled to see that my name preceeded the other staff members in the ‘written by’ acknowledgement section. I wrote a lot of the content because the main writer for the magazine was away from the office for a couple of weeks due to unforseen circumstances. At the time I didn’t realise I was writing most of the content because I thought I was just laying the groundwork, so to speak, but apparently not! This is a really good thing. I’m so proud. It’s really quite overwhelming to see your name in print, to see your hard work acknowledged that way. 

This week I spent most of my time chasing people from venues in several parts of the country to try and get photography booked in for the next two cookbooks. It’s been slow going, but when people are trying to run businesses, it’s always going to be tricky. Slowly but surely, my appointment spreadsheet it becoming more green than yellow and red, so I’m starting to get somewhere, and I’m really enjoying having so much responsibility. It makes me feel like they trust me to deal with their clients, and that’s such a fantastic feeling.

I’ve also been trying to turn my attention to their social media pages to get some coverage, and when I haven’t been doing that, I’ve been trying to re-jig their contacts database. It’s a little old, so it needs updating and laying out a little bit better. I think I’m making it easier to navigate, and I get a nerdy kick out of monotonous filing, so it’s a win win for them and for me! 

Truth be told, it’s really hitting home this week that I only have five days left in this office, with these people, doing this job that I’ve been wanting to do since high school. So much has started to come together and it’s gone so quickly that now I’m really not ready for it to end. I’m choosing not to think more than a day ahead to keep myself from going crazy; I’ll let you know how that’s working out next week! 


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