Stepping into my Intern shoes: Week 11

This week has been significantly less stressful given that everything related to the festival program is finished. Done with. No more. The deadline has passed, and all is well, which means that I’ve finally had time to go through my to-do list and get some things ticked off for the PR lady while she’s on holiday.

As of last week, I was only handling one photographer’s diary, but this week, I’ve been handling three. Yes, three. At first, it was a little overwhelming. Two of the books have the same photographer shooting them, so I was hyper-aware that I was going to have to keep double-checking that I didn’t double-book anyone. As the week developed, I decided that it might be a good idea for me to really get on top of it to make sure that didn’t happen. So I printed myself off a table, and blocked out the slots that had been booked. Now, when I come to book in more venues, I can clearly see which slots are available, and that I haven’t double-booked anyone. That made me feel a heck of a lot better about things. At the moment I’m managing to book quite a few people in, which is really good. It means we should be able to keep to the book’s schedule to get it printed on time.

In between managing three photography diaries, I’ve been writing news stories for the magazine’s website, and working on gathering social media handles for one of our regional books. Mostly just so we can tag the book’s contributors in any new posts about the book. I’ve also been chasing after press coverage for our mostly recently published book. A lot of newsrooms haven’t responded, which is always annoying, but I’m persistent. A few new contacts agreed to do some features and post about us on social media. I had to drop this task for a while given all the festival stuff, so I’ve been kind of aware that I needed to get back on top of it, because press is vital for sales. When you’re dealing with a small regional area too, though, it’s difficult to find as much press as you’d like. After all, there are only a few newsrooms and magazines, so I’m trying to find bloggers, vloggers, and even online websites that have blogs. They have actually proved the most fruitful route for me to go down. One of the things I was really happy about was that I managed to bag one of our Sales team another press interview – this time over the phone for a local newspaper.

I’m still keeping up with their Amazon orders, and I’ve even been asked to do purchase orders from retailers. It’s quite a big responsibility, and I’m still a little surprised that they’re trusting an intern with such important tasks, but I’m really loving the hands-on experience, and it’s nice to see all aspects of the job.

One thing I will say, is that I’ve been really surprised how comfortable I feel there. Like I’ve been there for years, and I actually feel like I know what I’m doing. I’ve got my routines down, and the MD knows I’m just happy to get on with the things on my list. I kind of feel like I belong at that desk, and I’m starting to feel like I’m doing an okay job stepping in for the PR lady. Maybe one of the best things this internship has afforded me has been a little more self-belief in my abilities.

This week it’s really hit me that I only have two weeks left of this internship. TWO WEEKS. I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. It’s given me so much in such a relatively short space of time, that part of me really doesn’t want to leave. The other, logical part of me knows that it can’t last forever (unless they give me a job), and that I have to move onto the next chapter of my career (whatever that may be). I’ll definitely take away everything I’ve learned. It’s been invaluable for the experience I’ve gained, seriously invaluable.


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