Stepping into my Intern shoes: Week 3

I feel like I should probably start with the good news that there were no public transport issues this week, so there’s that. I am, however, on the look out for my very first runabout, and am quickly discovering that searching for cars isn’t the easiest thing, but hopefully being able to rely on myself to get places will cut out some of the stress that comes with late trains and public delays.

This week at my internship, I got to create another profile for one of the restaurants featuring in the company’s upcoming releases, and I feel like I’ve got the flare for it now. I get what kind of tone they’re looking for, and I hope I’ve managed to capture that in the few pieces that I’ve written for them thus far. I was also asked to compile a list of tops news/trends/info from Sheffield for their magazine website. Fun, light-hearted stories that would make for an interesting read. I’m not sure why, but writing creatively still makes me nervous. I guess it’s always a little nerve-wracking when you show your work to others, so maybe that’s what it is. I wonder if it ever gets easier. But they seem to like what I’m writing anyway, so I probably should try to take encouragement from that.

On the Tuesday, I got to format some more recipes, and I wrote my very first Foreword for one of the books. That was pretty cool. I mean, a Foreword is pretty major – it’s right at the front of the book and has to do justice to the chef. I haven’t had the edits back yet, but I’m hoping they like what I’ve done with it. It was actually for the same chef that I translated some recipes for, and the same restaurant that I composed a profile for, so it’s been really nice to come full circle and be able to cover all aspects of the chef’s entries in the book.

On Wednesday, I was asked to revisit the list of news stories from Sheffield that I’d come up with on Monday, and create a few short stories for the website. Each story only had to be around 100-150 words depending on the subject matter, and I really enjoyed writing them. It was nice to use my research skills to really build a story and try my hand at a little journalism. Again, I haven’t had any feedback from them yet, but I’ll keep an eye on the website to see if they make an appearance.

The next day, I compiled a list of press contacts, focusing on finding their social media handles. This will help when it comes to advertising and promoting our books, because we’ll be able to hopefully secure some coverage on social media as well as through the more conventional route of advertising through print in local newspapers and magazines. I was also given a kind of ongoing task by the Managing Director. He asked me to look online for cook shops around the country, shops that might sell cookware and utensils and things like that – somewhere I could see our book being sold. This is to try and boost sales for each of the regional cook books, and isn’t an urgent task, so it’s sort of a task that I pick up when there isn’t anything pressing to do. The main thing is to have different distribution avenues for the company to go down. I think it’s a good sign that they’re constantly looking to progress and grow, and I’m really lucky to be a part of making that happen.

Friday was my busiest day by far. In the morning I researched more press social media accounts on Facebook, and started on the list of cook shops for the MD. As morning quickly gave way to afternoon, I got to write a review of a local cafe which has just opened, and serves up some seriously good-looking vegetarian and vegan food. I think a trend is starting to emerge here. The more creative stuff I do, the more I’m beginning to believe that that is the best part of my job. I thought it would be the other way around because I really do love all that administrative, organisational stuff, but I’ve surprised myself.

I also got to tag some of the book contributors on Google – something to do with Google searches. I think the main idea is that when the book is searched online, the contributors – all the suppliers, food producers, and restaurants will appear alongside the book. Extra exposure and accessibility for the readers, which is always good. Then finally, I got to email my own press release – the very first thing I wrote on my first day – to all the contacts I had compiled in my very first press database. Again, the closing of another circle. It felt good to see my work coming together – to see how one task feeds into another and contributes to the whole running of the department. It was pretty daunting to be dealing first-hand with the press, but also kind of secretly thrilling.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this week, and I feel like I’m beginning to find my place in the team. I feel comfortable there but I also feel challenged, which feels likes an important distinction.

Check back here next week to see what I’m getting up to as I make it through week 4 of my 13 week internship!


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