Major weakness: naming characters

I am shockingly bad at naming my characters. I either end up settling for ordinary, everyday household names (which isn’t a bad thing), but when you’re writing an novel you want your character names to be memorable. I tend to get pretty desperate and end up choosing outrageous names that translate into names for trees or funghi in other languages. Okay maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get my drift. Most of the time I get desperate and end up Googling baby names for inspiration. More often than not, I choose a fairly common name and just spell it differently. For example – Justyn, Dillon…yeah, you get the idea.

If I could wish for one little tiny improvement in my writing, it would be to be able to conjure awesome names for my characters. I read books like Divergent and The Maze Runner and The Raven Boys and I envy the variety and uniqueness of the names these authors use. Tris. Four. Gally. Newt. Blue. Gansey. Some of them may be a little out there, but that’s GOOD. They hold their own. They’re memorable. I would like a superpower like this. But I have to make do. So I’ll take the name Blue as inspiration for example, and start thinking…hmm…a colour…why didn’t I think about using a colour…brown?…green? No. It doesn’t work.

Maybe it’s all part of the learning curve that comes with being a writer. You’re constantly striving for something original, or a least for something unique. So I’ll keep working on it. In the meantime, any suggestions are more than welcome. Seriously. MORE THAN welcome.


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